Staff Info

A Word About Our Staff

The most transformative factor in a child’s life is a relationship with a caring adult.  At New Heights, the importance of the connection between our adult staff and the campers cannot be overemphasized.  Every year our volunteers offer themselves up as conduits of God’s love, and are blessed to see our Father transform the lives of young people.  It has become cliche, but we truly are a family, and the bonds between our staff go far beyond the one week we are together.  If you are looking for a fulfilling and fun way to serve others, please consider joining the New Heights team!

The following are staff orientation materials.  Staff must review these videos and GenMin document to serve at New Heights.

CORI Checks

In order to keep our campers safe, New Heights CORI (Criminal Offender Record Inquiry) checks all staff.  The camp takes this expense on itself, and volunteer applicants need not do anything except completely fill out the registration materials.  If you would like to discuss anything that may appear on your CORI report, please contact the Director.

MiniCamp for the Children of Staff

Many of our staff are parents of children under the age of eight.  As a result, we offer MiniCamp for the children of staff aged 0-7.  In order to qualify for MiniCamp, the parent/guardian volunteering at New Heights must be the child’s legal guardian and remain on the premises while the child is present. The parents/guardians assume responsibility for the child while at camp. MiniCamp costs $50 per child, however, we typically waive this fee for anyone who needs it. Depending on our capacity, MiniCampers under the age of 2 may need to stay with their parent/guardian. In this situation, we will do our best to assign the parent/guardian of the MiniCamper a duty that would facilitate care of his/her infant or toddler. Each day, MiniCamp starts after breakfast and concludes at dinner. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children during meals, as well as, before and after MiniCamp hours.

CREW (Staff-in-Training)

We want to prepare the next generation of leaders.  To that end, we have created the CREW Program for youth aged 16-17.  CREW is for the campers who embody what New Heights is all about and are willing to serve as role models for the other campers.  While officially classified as campers, CREW members spend part of their time working as part of the volunteer staff and the remainder of their time participating in camp activities with their  fellow campers.  In order to qualify for the program,  you must have attended New Heights as a camper for at least two years or receive a waiver of this requirement from the director.   Those registering as CREW will be reviewed by the New Heights Admin Team.  The Team is looking for CREW applicants to: embody the values of New Heights; have a positive attitude; have a servant’s heart; be familiar with the geography of the camp; and be willing to be developed as a leader.  If you do not hear from us within two weeks of your registration, you can assume your application has been accepted.  Those not accepted into the program will be enrolled as a senior camper.  Because CREW splits their time between the staff and camp, their tuition is $125.  Please contact us for more details.

Policy for Counselors and Administrators

New Heights is a Christian camp and we are determined to put Jesus in the center of all we do. As a result, we have put in place a policy that all administrators and counselors need to be members in good standing of either a Christian congregation or small group.  This policy does not apply to other staff positions.  In order to alleviate any burden this policy may cause, we have established an online Bible Study, to which New Heights staff are welcome.  If you would like to participate, please contact us.